A cast and crew of Suffolk alumni are featured in the professional production of Rhinoceros at the Modern Theatre through March 13.

Suffolk Theatre Professor Wesley Savick’s adaptation captures the urgency and spirit of Eugene Ionesco’s original play by resetting Rhinoceros in contemporary Boston.

Ionesco wrote Rhinoceros in 1959 after he survived two world wars, fascism, communism, and Nazism. His creation is a savagely funny and frightening allegory about the human condition. Everyone in the play eventually transforms into a rampaging rhinoceros – except for one inept misfit.

Suffolk’s Theatre Department selected this play, coproduced with Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, with consideration of its resonance with the political season.

Suffolk alumni and students featured


Jake Athyol
Brian Bernhard
Matt Finn
Molly Kimmerling
Dana Nacer
Nael Nacer
Alex Pollock
Laurie Riihimaki
Raya Malcolm (student)

Production team

Matthew Eriksen
Paige Monopoli
Rafael Roy
Stephanie Yackovetsky

Aria Sergany (student)
Maxine Buretta (student)

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Confrontation Rhinoceros production