How can I get started designing a HICM?

  • Meet with the Director of the Honors Program as early as the freshman year. The Director will provide general advice on the application process and what materials you will need in order to get your application approved. She can also suggest faculty members who may be helpful to consult about your interests.
  • Meet with faculty members in fields related to your proposed major. They can help recommend specific courses to include in the major, in addition to providing more specific advice about the professional field for which you are trying to design a major. If you aren’t sure which faculty members to consult, the honors program can provide advice.
  • Research similar majors at other universities. What requirements do those majors have? What sort of courses do those students need to take? Bring copies of those requirements and descriptions to your meetings with the Director of the Honors Program and knowledgeable faculty members, as it may help in determining the best direction for your major.
  • Research the Suffolk University course catalog and target several courses that seem to meet your goals either in whole or in part. You will need to propose some courses when applying for your HICM. Bring this list to meetings with the Director and faculty, as well.
  • Speak with alumni or professionals who work in the professional fields you are hoping to enter after you have completed your major. Consult them about your research into similar majors or courses. Ask what kinds of skills and knowledge they have found valuable, and think about what courses you will need to take to acquire those competencies. The RAMP alumni mentoring program, Career Development Center, or honors program can help you to identify contacts.

How do I apply to to do a HICM?

  • Under the advisement of your faculty mentor(s), complete the Honors Independently Crafted Major Proposal Form. Your faculty mentors will be particularly helpful in completing the goals and objectives section, in addition to the completion plan section.
  • You are advised to apply no later than the start of the spring semester of the sophomore year and in the fall of the sophomore year if possible.

What are the requirements for any HICM?

  • Must be at least 40 credits
  • Must draw upon courses from at least two departments or distinct programs
  • Must include any requirements common to all CAS majors, existing or established in the future
  • Must demonstrate sufficient coursework at the foundational level
  • Must demonstrate sufficient coursework at the advanced level
  • Must include coursework that imparts methodological and theoretical underpinning appropriate to the major
  • May include up to 4 credits of an internship course
  • May include up to 4 credits of independent study (beyond independent study credit used to complete an honors senior capstone project)
  • Must include completion and presentation of an interdisciplinary senior capstone project
  • Must primarily include courses to be taken in the future.

Once your HICM is approved, what is required?

  • Each semester, you must:
    • Meet at least once with faculty mentors for check in
    • Meet at least once with the CAS Dean’s Office / Honors Program advisor for check in
    • Make an assessment-related submission
  • In your senior year, you will prepare and present a senior capstone project to representatives of the CAS Dean’s Office / Honors Program and Honors Faculty Advisory Committee. You will also prepare a final reflective assessment.