Law School

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

Ceremony Speaker

Chief Justice (Ret.)
Linda Stewart Dalianis

New Hampshire Supreme Court

The Honorable Linda Stewart Dalianis is seen as a trailblazer for women in the law. She was the first female associate justice and chief justice on the New Hampshire Supreme Court and the first woman to serve on the state’s Superior Court and to be appointed a marital master. In response to the resulting attention, Dalianis’ has said: “The best thing about ‘firsts’ is that they give way to the ‘familiar,’ the point in time when you know you are truly making progress.”

Dalianis, who recently retired, started the New Hampshire e-Court program, ushering in the era of electronic case filings, and founded the J-ONE Initiative, a program dedicated to integrating all components of the state’s criminal justice system. She developed alternative dispute resolution services and improved how the court delivers family law services.

The New Hampshire Bar Foundation honored Dalianis with the 2015 Frank Rowe Kenison Award for her career contributions, and she received the New Hampshire Women’s Bar Association 2017 Marilla Ricker Award for advancing opportunities for women in the profession.

Dalianis holds a BA from Northeastern University and a JD from Suffolk University Law School.