Arianna Sanfilippo ’16, Gloucester, MA
Marketing major
I love that Suffolk is such a part of Boston. And since there are no campus walls, you’re not restricted.

You grow up fast, and that’s a good thing. In the real world, people don’t wait for you. That can be good and bad, but Suffolk will teach you to learn by doing. Learn more about the true Boston experience our students enjoy at our Accepted Student Showcase. Register now. 

Nick Aikens ’16, Portsmouth, NH 
Theatre major
Coming in I thought I’d be thrown into the college life, but the teachers and classes help us get used to it. There was the SU101 class for freshmen and if we had any questions we could ask them and our professors were approachable.

My advice is this: don’t be scared to dive in and try new things. Have as much fun as you can and take in as much as you can—there are so many activities to participate in. Find out more about the activities you can get involved in as a Suffolk student at our Accepted Student Showcase. Register now.

Bernice Kinyanjui ’16, Medfield, MA (via Kenya) 
Radiation Biology major 
I had heard about Suffolk’s great reputation as a Law School and Business School, so when I came here as a science major, I didn’t know what to expect. I quickly learned most of my professors come from MGH and other hospitals in the city. We get their real-world experience.

I love how Suffolk is so well-connected in Boston. I hope to take my experience here and become a pediatric oncologist. Learn more about Suffolk and students like Bernice at our Accepted Student Showcase. Register now.

Or visit us at a time that works for you before May 1. We offer a number of campus visit programs throughout the month of April both on and off campus.