Suffolk University is committed to ensuring the ethical and responsible conduct of research. The Hotline is designed to respond to questions individuals may have about their rights as a research participant or address and respond to concerns anyone may have with respect to research not being conducted in accordance with university policies, external sponsor requirements, or with federal and state regulations. Individuals may report any suspected violation anonymously via the Hotline. Such research activities might include:

  • Research misconduct
  • Violation of human subjects protections
  • A breach of confidentiality related to research data or protected health information
  • Research-related conflicts of interest

Contact may be made by calling the toll-free Research Compliance Hotline at 888-634-4387.

A caller has the option of leaving a message anonymously, if desired, on the Hot Line's voice mail system, or may opt to speak directly to a member of the Research Compliance staff by calling during regular office hours. Every report will be acted on in a confidential manner, with notification to other appropriate individuals made on a need-to-know basis. If anonymity is desired, it will be protected to the extent possible by law and by university regulations. Concerns may also be communicated via email to: