Save it! Grow it! Saving now plants the seeds for your future.

Suffolk University provides you a great opportunity to plant the seeds of your future by offering a very generous and competitive retirement program.

What’s Happening With Suffolk Retirement Benefits?

We’re making upgrades to the Suffolk University Employee Retirement Plan designed to modernize the Plan, give current participants more options and make it more flexible.

You will:

  • Have an additional investment option, a Roth 403(b) after-tax account, with either TIAA or Fidelity.  You can now contribute your retirement savings on a pre-tax or after-tax basis (or split them).
  • Be able to roll over other IRAs into your Suffolk Retirement Plan.  You can combine multiple retirement accounts and take advantage of the lower fees associated with our Plan and streamline your account management.
  • Have a simpler process for enrolling and making changes.  You decide the percentage of your pay you want to contribute and Suffolk will make a contribution based on your election.  You no longer will have to make separate elections for the “standard” and “voluntary” parts of the Plan.

We are also making it easier for faculty and staff to participate in the retirement plan.


  • Will receive a Suffolk contribution if you contribute as little as 1% – no more required 5% minimum contribution.
  • May enroll at any age – no more waiting until age 26.
  • May enroll immediately upon hire – no more one-year waiting period.

If you are contributing to TIAA or Fidelity for the first time you must create and account with TIAA or Fidelity Investments.

Retirement Plan Employer Contribution Formula

    Percent of Pay
    You Contribute
     Percent of Pay
  Suffolk Contributes
           1%             1.8%
           2%             3.6%
           3%             5.4%
           4%             7.2%
           5%             9.0%