The University offers a commuter benefits program through Discovery Benefits to help you pay for transit and parking expenses. You will now have more control and flexibility over how you use these benefits. Money will be taken from your paycheck for transit, parking, or both on a pre-tax basis up to the IRS limit of $250 per month, and will be added to a debit card.  You will then use the debit card to add value to the Charlie Card, to purchase Commuter Rail passes, and to pay for parking if you enroll in the parking benefit.

  • Who can use this program?

    If you work in a regularly scheduled position, not dependent upon student status, at least 17 ½ hours per week you are eligible to participate in this program. You must also use public transportation or pay for parking as part of your commute to work to participate in this program. You may purchase transit and parking benefits under this program only for your commute. You may not purchase benefits for the commute of a spouse or other dependent.

  • How does the pre-tax benefit work?

    You do not have to pay income or employment taxes on wages committed to purchasing passes or parking reimbursement. With average expenditures of $65 per month, you could save over $200 per year from this pre-tax benefit.

  • Are there limits on the amount I can contribute on a pre-tax basis?

    Yes, for transit and parking expenses, there is a $255 per month pre-tax limit for each benefit.  That is a total of $510 that you can deduct on a pre-tax basis for use towards your commuting expenses to and from Suffolk University.  If you park and use the T or other public transit, your deductions may include both benefits, up to the limits of each. For instance, you may purchase a T-Pass for $70 per month and $140 worth of parking reimbursement for a monthly pre-tax benefit of $210.

  • Which transit systems are covered by passes?

    The MBTA (bus, subway, commuter rail and ferry) as well as a number of other transit and vanpool systems are covered. 

  • How are my parking expenses covered?

    Your parking expenses may be covered in a couple of different ways. Your per pay period election amount will be deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis, and then will be added to your Discovery Benefits debit card for use towards your daily, weekly, or monthly parking expenses.  If you are unable to use your Discovery Benefits debit card to pay for parking you may submit a reimbursement request to Discovery Benefits.  Click here for a copy of the form.  

  • How do I make changes and/or end my participation in the program?

    • Log in to Workday (user name and password are the same as your Suffolk email)
    • Click on the Benefits worklet
    • Click on Change Benefits
    • Next, at the dropdown screen select Discovery Transit/Parking, and select the date you would like to make the change.
    • Click Submit
    • On the next screen click open elections
    • Enter your elections
    • Click on I agree and hit Submit

    Note: If this is your first time signing up for transit/parking benefits, Human Resources will need to approve your request after submitting your elections.  

    All changes will be made on a per pay period basis.  For example, if you would like to make sure you have $84.50 on your Discovery Benefits card to purchase a monthly transit/bus pass in March, you will need to make your election in Workday before February 3.  

  • How will I receive my pass?

    The material will be sent to your home address via first class mail. It will be mailed to the home address you have on file in the Crosby Benefit Systems website.

    If you do not receive your pass by the end of the month, call Crosby Benefit Systems at 1-800-462-2235 or email between the first and third day of the month.

  • How do I keep my address up-to-date with Crosby Benefit Systems?

    You must keep your address up-to-date with the Suffolk University Human Resources Office. If you need to change or update your address and contact information, complete the Employee Personal/Contact Information Form and return it to the Human Resources Office. The Human Resources Office sends a weekly list of eligible employees' mailing addresses to Crosby, which will override any address that you may have changed through Crosby. Since passes are prepared for mailing one month in advance, your address must be correct on the first of the prior month. For instance, your address must be up to date by April 1st for your May pass. If you are moving, you should also notify the US Postal Service of a forwarding address.

  • What happens if I do not receive my pass?

    If you do not receive your pass, you must report the loss to Crosby Benefit Systems by e-mail or telephone no later than the 3rd weekday of the month for which the pass is effective. Crosby Benefit Systems will reimburse you for the cost of a replacement pass upon receipt of documentation of your expense. Required documentation includes: a receipt as proof that you purchased a replacement pass, a completed "Refund Claim Form". Crosby Benefit Systems must receive the documentation by the 10th of the month that the pass is missing or late. Crosby Benefit Systems will reimburse you for a maximum of one pass.

  • What happens if I lose my pass?

    Suffolk University does not reimburse for lost passes. However, if an employee loses a Charlie Card, Crosby Benefits Systems is able to cancel the Charlie Card and re-issue a new one. The employee will be responsible for any transit expenses incurred from the time the Charlie Card is lost, until the new card is received. Employees must contact Crosby Benefit Systems customer service at 1-800-462-2235 or email to be re-issued a Charlie Card.


  • How do I enroll in the program?

    Enroll at the Crosby Benefit Systems website or call 1-800-462-2235 . Instructions on using the enrollment web site follow. You must enroll by the 1st of the month before the month you wish to receive the benefit (for instance, you must enroll by April 1 for the May pass). Once you enroll in the program you will continue to receive your order each month until you end your participation.

  • Instructions for use of the Crosby Benefit Systems website

    Visit the Crosby Benefit Systems website to access forms or account information, update your address, and to enroll, change or cancel your benefit online.

    Note: New employees may not be able to gain immediate access to the Crosby Benefit Systems website. Suffolk's Human Resources Office sends a weekly list of eligible employees to Crosby Benefit Systems. If you are a new employee and cannot gain entry to the website after your first week of employment, please contact Suffolk’s Human Resources Office at extension 8415.

  • To get started...

    • Go online to - Make sure to turn off pop-up blockers.
    • Choose "Transit Benefits" (under the login section on left hand side).
    • Click on "New User" and fill out required information (employee ID number)
    • Please note that your username will always be your Suffolk email address
    • Click on link that was sent to your Suffolk email address to activate your account.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to place your order.