The MBTA and Alternative Carriers

For most employees, public transportation is the most efficient, economical way to commute to work. Short of bicycling, it’s the most-energy-efficient means of daily transportation—a way you can help reduce automobile emissions and protect our environment. And by purchasing passes through the University, you can also save money.

  • Does Suffolk provide passes for employees and faculty?

    Employees can purchase MBTA Passes, Charlie Cards, and passes on alternative carriers and vanpools through payroll deduction.

  • Can I save money on passes purchased through the University?

    The University offers a Transit Program to help employees pay for commuting expenses on a pre-tax basis. Employees save money on the cost of the pass because the purchase is made with pre-tax deductions on the first $230 per month.

  • Are other MBTA pass options available?

    Monthly passes for unlimited rides are available on campus on the last 3 and first 3 weekdays of each month.

    • Suffolk University Bookstore, 148 Cambridge Street (cash only)
    • Suffolk University Law School Bookstore, 120 Tremont Street (cash only)

  • Is there a way to save on parking if I have to drive to the T?

    Employees can pay for off-site parking, including MBTA lots and garages on a pre-tax basis, even when those lots don’t offer receipts, through the University’s Transit Program.

  • Which MBTA stops are closest to the campus?

    The closest MBTA Rapid Transit stops:

    • Blue Line: Government Center
    • Green Line: Park Street
    • Red Line: Park Street
    • Silver Line: Temple Place
    The closest MBTA Bus Stops:

    • Route 43 (Ruggles-Park and Tremont streets). This bus stops across from the Massachusetts State House, two blocks from Suffolk.
    • Route 55 (Queensberry-Park Street): This bus stops across from the Massachusetts State House, two blocks from Suffolk.
    • Routes 352 (Burlington), 354 (Woburn), and 355 (Woburn and Medford) stop at the State street T stop (Orange, Blue, and Red lines), about three blocks from Suffolk.
    • Routes 92 and 93 (Charlestown-Downtown Crossing) stop on Washington Street three blocks from Suffolk.
    • More than ten bus lines stop at the Haymarket Bus Terminal (on the Orange and Green lines) about five blocks from Suffolk.
    Commuter Rail—Suffolk is within easy walking distance of both commuter rail stations:
    • North Station
    • South Station
  • Where can I get schedule and route information?

    Current schedules, route planning tips and information about buying passes at T stations are available at