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Two Degrees of Suffolk

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Two Degrees of Suffolk

Looking for big-time actors with A-list connections? Look no further than the alumni of Suffolk University’s Theatre Department. Here are just a few Hollywood and Broadway stars with close connections to Suffolk.

Robert Duvall was in A Night in Old Mexico (film) with Emilio Aragon (BA’04 and Bacon Number: 2)

Jesse Eisenberg was in The Social Network (film) with Christian Roberts (BA’12 and Bacon Number: 2)

Ethan Hawke was in Macbeth (Broadway) with Jonny Orsini (BA’07 and Bacon Number: 2)

Nathan Lane was in The Nance (Broadway) with Jonny Orsini (BA’07 and Bacon Number: 2)

Kate Burton was in The Seagull (Huntington Theatre Company) with Nael Nacer (BA’07 and Bacon Number: 3)

Leonardo DiCaprio was in The Wolf of Wall Street (film) with Alec Lawless (BS’12 and Bacon Number: 3)

Anna Paquin was in True Blood (TV) with Anastasia Ganias (BA’03 and Bacon Number: 3)

Meryl Streep was in 27 Wagons Full of Cotton (NYC) with Joel Colodner, who was in Our Town (Huntington Theatre Company) with Alex Pollock (BS’07 and Bacon Number: 3)

Patti LuPone was in Gypsy (Broadway) with Jessica Rush, who was in Miss Saigon (Houston) with Tiffany Chen (BA’12 and Bacon Number: 4)

What’s a Bacon number?

It’s the smallest number of connections between any actor and centerpiece of the acting universe Kevin Bacon. Bacon numbers higher than 4 are very rare. For example: Since Nathan Lane was in He Said, She Said with Kevin Bacon, his Bacon number is 1.

Source: The Oracle of Bacon