Data Access Integrity & Stewardship Working Group (DAISWG)

Gary Fireman, Associate Provost of Institutional Research and Planning
Gina Begley, Director Benefits, Compensation & HRIS/Human Resources
Lorraine Cove, Assistant Dean/Law School Academic Services
Mary Lally, Assistant VP/Registrar
Michelle Quinlan, Associate VP/Budget Office

Information/Network Security Working Group (INSWG)

Karen Kruppa, Director of Risk Management/Risk Management
Paul Guarino, Chief Information Security Officer/ITS

Administrative Systems/Applications Working Group

Jennifer Ricciardi, Assistant Vice President/Student Financial Services
Lisa Keaney, Director/Development
Robert DiGuardia, Director ERP Applications/ ITS
Shawn Newton, Associate Dean/Dean of Students

TILT (Teaching, Innovation, Learning and Technology) Working Group

Thomas Lynch III, CIO/ITS
Sebastian Royo, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost
Brian McDermott, Director of Instructional Technology and Media Services
Linda Bruenjes, Director of Center For Teaching Excellence

Web Systems and Communication Working Group

Brian Bram, Director of Web Marketing Group, Communications and Marketing
Dan Esdale, Chief Marketing Officer, Communications and Marketing

Facilities Services Representation

Andre Vega, Director of Construction and Facilities Services/Facilities Operations