Managers often meet with their employees throughout the year to review work expectations and discuss performance. Currently at Suffolk, a formal review is conducted once a year. This year, all staff (salaried and hourly) will be reviewed in July.

The performance review is designed to be an interactive process that assesses outcomes and behavioral expectations. It is intended to be developmental in nature, giving the employee clear indication of what has gone well and where there are opportunities for improvement. It allows managers and employees to discuss:

  • job responsibilities
  • performance measures
  • achievements made
  • obstacles that impeded the employee’s ability to fulfill job responsibilities
  • learning/developmental plans or needs
  • areas needing improvement
  • goals and objectives for the upcoming year
The performance review template helps to facilitate the discussion and document the performance review. However, any formal documentation is acceptable.

As the University moves to performance-based pay increases, it is more important than ever for managers to make a fair assessment of performance. The majority of performance ratings of employees will be in the meets expectations fully category while a few employees may be rated exceptional. It is important to recognize that meets expectations fully means demonstrating solid performance and doing the job well.

Please contact Human Resources at 617-573-8415 if you have any questions regarding the performance review process.