The Modern Theatre project is being planned to meet high standards for green design and sustainability, a hallmark of Suffolk University’s facilities.

The building will be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified and employ green practices across all phases of design and construction. During construction, designers are using sustainable materials and systems. After construction, the building will run with clean and efficient operations. 

Historic precedent

The Modern Theatre's facade is being dismantled, restored, and rebuilt on site, but the residence hall project is not Suffolk University’s first time using building materials recycled from a construction site.

In 1923, the University made a deal with a demolition company to leave the brick behind as a structure on Beacon Hill was razed to make way for a new campus building. Work crews cleaned and reused nearly 150,000 bricks for the construction project.

While making the most of its resources in those early years, Suffolk University was ahead of its time in sustainable use of materials.

Today Suffolk University works diligently to find creative solutions to environmental challenges. The University instills the values of sustainability through education and practice -- in its buildings and by coaching students, faculty, and staff.