Suffolk maintains 4 parking spaces in the Rosalie K Stahl Building for employees who are required to drive to the University because of unusual job requirements on a specific day.  Examples of this include off-campus meetings, late events, etc.  These spaces are available on a "first asked, first committed" basis. To reserve a space please complete the form below at least 48 hours before you need the parking.  Your request will be confirmed or denied within two business days.


Requestor First Name

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Manager Name

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Entrance to the Rosalie K. Stahl Building garage is at the back of the building, on Tremont Place. Parking is through valet only.Garage hours are Monday-Friday 6am - 8pm, Saturday 8am - 4pm, Sunday 8am - 2pm. Vehicles in the garage at closing time are placed outside on Tremont Place. Keys will be held at the security desk in the lobby of the Stahl Building.