Location & Hours

While you can always request technology support by emailing us at servicedesk@suffolk.edu or by calling 617-557-2000, the IT Service Desk also provides walk-in support to students, faculty and staff at two Walk-in Centers:

Walk-in Centers

Sargent Hall

120 Tremont Street,
6th Floor, Technology Center,
Room 655
9:00AM - 7:00PM, Monday through Friday (except during University closures)

Satellite for Students
Sawyer Library
73 Tremont, 3rd Floor,
Room 3013
10:00am – 2:00pm Monday through Friday (except during University closures)

You’ll be asked to fill out a Walk-In Center Service Request form, providing your: Name, Student, Staff, or Faculty ID. If you're a student, whether you’re a resident or commuter. Email address, Alternate email address (if primary address is unavailable). Telephone number. School or department. Brief description of your problem or question. The Service Desk Technician will take your request form and may begin helping you, or refer you to another available technician to assist you in answering your question or troubleshooting your problem.

Phone (617) 557-2000
Email: servicedesk@suffolk.edu
Twitter: @suffolk_ITS