Undergraduate Areas of Study

Big Data and Business Analytics
The demand for skilled analytics professionals is growing fast in all types of organizations—regardless of industry, size, or ownership structure. With courses in statistics, information technology, and business, this program teaches students how to use data to improve efficiency, solve problems, identify new opportunities, and prepare for the future. (Also available as a minor.)

Suffolk’s program provides students with a solid foundation in laboratory, field, and classroom science by learning about evolution, genetics, ecology, molecular biology, and physiology. Professors will help you choose a concentration in biotechnology, health careers, or marine science based on your interests and career goals.

A bridge between biology and chemistry, this “hybrid” major focuses on the composition of living things in a city known worldwide for its extraordinary hospitals and laboratories. Scientific pioneers come here from all over the world to work at and receive treatment in these medical facilities, while Boston’s laboratories are responsible for breakthroughs in cancer research, HIV/AIDS, and more.

Suffolk’s Chemistry major offers an intensive, laboratory-based curriculum paired with unparalleled opportunities for independent research in one of the world’s most scientifically advanced cities. The faculty will connect students with Boston’s premier labs and medical schools and the internships they offer.

Computer Science
Just across the Longfellow Bridge from the high-tech hotspot of Kendall Square, Suffolk’s computer science program is exceptionally hands-on. Students get substantial experience with machine-level programming and direct exposure to computer architecture, networks.

Students who want to start or lead an organization with a mission to make the world a safe, humane, and just place can concentrate in Social Entrepreneurship, which includes coursework in socially responsible and sustainable business as well as a required internship around social enterprise. (Also available as a minor).

Social Impact Minor
Suffolk students learn how to tackle the specific social challenges of poverty, economic development, healthcare access, educational access, human rights, safety, and climate change.

Graduate Areas of Study

Master in Business Administration
Suffolk MBA students can choose from among a dozen different concentrations to focus their degree, whether they dream of starting their own business (Entrepreneurship) or harnessing the analytical power of big data (Business Intelligence).

Master of Science in Business Analytics
With a unique balance of business analytics and data management, Suffolk’s comprehensive new MSBA program will teach students how to make high-level, data-driven decisions across a wide range of industries. (Also available as a joint degree with Finance, Accounting, or MBA.)

Juris Doctor, Intellectual Property Law Concentration
Suffolk Law’s Intellectual Property Concentration is one of the largest and most developed of its kind in the country, offering a range of courses—patents, copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, and licensing.

Juris Doctor, Legal Technology and Innovation Concentration
Technology and other innovative methods for delivering legal services are quickly transforming the practice of law. Suffolk Law’s Legal Technology and Innovation Concentration is designed to prepare students for this new and rapidly evolving legal marketplace.

Master of Public Administration
As one of the nation’s top-tier academic programs in public administration and one of only five New England schools fully accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA), Suffolk students learn to anticipate, respond to, and lead change. Our program partners with the ISOM Department to offer a concentration in Information Systems, Performance Management, and Big Data Analytics, among others, to help give you the competitive edge you need to land your dream job.

Accelerator-to-Practice Program
Winner in 2016 of the American Bar Association’s Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access, Suffolk Law’s Accelerator-to-Practice program is a first-of-its-kind three-year. The program includes an expanded professional development and skills curriculum including technological training, supervised internships, and clinical training representing low-income clients in the Accelerator Practice.