Undergraduate Areas of Study

Alternative Winter Break in Cambodia

The Alternative Winter Break program in Cambodia consists of a 3-credit course in the fall and a 1-credit travel course in the spring. During the fall semester, students learn about Cambodia in the course Conflict and Development in Asia, a course that reviews crucial political and economic events in the region. In January, students take a 1-credit travel course, spending 12 days learning about political, social, and economic issues in Cambodia.

Global Business Double Major

Suffolk students can earn a double major in Global Business in four years, combining it with any functional area of business. Each option provides students with a chance to learn a foreign language, travel the world, and explore international internship opportunities. (Also available as a minor.)

Global Travel Seminars

The Institute for Public Service offers a global travel seminar in Comparative Public Policy each year. Experience public affairs while working and living in Ireland. You will understand the cultural, economic, and political environment that the country faces, including the context of the European Union and the global economy.

Government Major

The Suffolk University Government Department seeks to cultivate thoughtful, active, and responsible global citizens. Courses in the major are intended to help students gain a foundational understanding of how institutions, ideas, and ideology shape politics, policy, and decision-making. Globally minded students can select a concentration in International Relations.

Graduate Areas of Study

Juris Doctor

Suffolk Law offers a number of international courses and study abroad opportunities, and students can add a global specialization to their degree by choosing a concentration in (or focus on) International Law. Suffolk’s international law students prepare to practice in a legal world that expands to all corners of the world.

International Legal Practice Semester-In-Practice

For students in their final year of law school, this 13-week program provides hands-on international practice experience working full time for a public interest organization while earning academic credit.

Master of Science in Political Science

Students can build a career advocating for issues and outcomes in local government, national politics, or international affairs. There is a choice between two distinct concentrations: Professional Politics or International Relations. Students can also pursue a dual degree with a Master in Public Administration.

MPA Dual Degrees

Combine a Master of Public Administration with one of several complementary degree programs, such as the MS in Political Science or a law degree.

Master of Public Administration

Suffolk MPA students and alumni have been in the heart of action since 1973, working for the greater good as legislators, policy makers, nonprofit leaders, public safety professionals, healthcare leaders, and educators. The Suffolk MPA is one of only five New England schools fully accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA). Dual degrees with Mental Health Counseling, Political Science, Crime and Justice Studies are offered.

International Internships and Legal Practice

Suffolk has four dynamic and complementary internship programs for the field of international legal practice. Each of the four programs provides students with compelling opportunities to intern internationally in conjunction with specialized academic coursework.