Undergraduate Areas of Study

Economics Major
At Suffolk, economics students will analyze slow economic growth and persistent unemployment in many advanced countries. They’ll also study rising income inequality, health care costs, climate change, volatile oil prices, government deficits and debt levels, immigration, and currency crises. (Also available as a minor.)

Public Service Minor
The Sawyer Business School’s Institute for Public Service is the ideal training ground for future public servants who want to build a career through helping their community. Our graduates work in state, local, and federal government, nonprofit management, health policy, advocacy, community and government organizations, and human resource management. (Also available as a minor.)

Social Impact Minor
The social impact minor teaches students how to address social and economic problems home and abroad. Here, students study the major issues while also getting hands-on experience implementing solutions in these areas.

Sociology Major
At Suffolk, Sociology majors can choose from a number of specialized concentrations. Specializations include Youth & Community Engagement, General Sociology, Crime & Justice, and Health & Society.

Government Major
The Suffolk University Government Department seeks to cultivate thoughtful, active, and responsible global citizens. Students may choose among four concentrations, including International Relations, American Politics, Law and Public Policy, and Political Theory. The Government Department offers undergraduate students excellent preparation for further study in graduate or professional schools, as well as careers in government, business, not-for-profit, and politics.

Politics, Philosophy & Economics Major
This interdisciplinary program, the first of its kind in the Boston area, prepares students to grapple with current and enduring social issues, with coursework spanning policy, ethics, and economics.

Graduate Areas of Study

Master of Public Administration
Suffolk’s MPA program emphasizes community engagement, collaborative public management, innovation, and network governance as fundamental to implementing public and social policy. As one of only five New England schools fully accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA), students will learn to anticipate, respond to, and lead change. Concentrations include State and Local Government, Nonprofit Management, Information Systems, Performance Management, and Big Data Analytics, or Community Health.

Certificate in Nonprofit Management
This certificate program covers administration in a public sector context as well as finance, human resources, and other topics specific to nonprofit business environments. It can be taken as a 15-credit program full-time in as little as one semester or part-time in two semesters.

Master of Science in Political Science
Prepare to build a career advocating for issues and outcomes in local government, national politics, or international affairs. Students choose between two distinct concentrations: Professional Politics or International Relations. A dual degree with a Master in Public Administration is also available.

Juris Doctor
Suffolk Law students can gain practical experience in our nationally ranked clinical programs, where student-attorneys help represent real-world clients in areas like housing discrimination, immigration, and more. Students can concentrate in Labor and Employment Law or choose an area of focus such as Law and Public Service, Corporate Finance, Small Business, and Nonprofits, or Real Estate and Land Use, among others.