Before and After Charlottesville: Inclusion and Freedom in Dialogue

In response to the turmoil that began in Charlottesville, Suffolk University is sponsoring a yearlong series of workshops, speakers, and panel discussions that will address both the current volatile landscape in America and the history that has brought the nation to this point.

The initiative, “Before and After Charlottesville: Inclusion and Freedom in Dialogue,” sponsored by Suffolk’s Public Policy and Practice HUB, includes public events as well as activities aimed at addressing the instructional and institutional issues that could surface within the Suffolk community after the shocking events in Charlottesville.

In the current environment, faculty and students may find themselves especially worried about how to discuss these events—as well as the much wider history of race and racism for which Charlottesville is a symbol and symptom—without provoking further divisiveness. Many in the University community hope to find ways to discuss these events and their historical context in ways that will be constructive and illuminating, perhaps even healing. The challenge is to balance commitment to academic freedom and a shared spirit of free discussion with Suffolk’s long-standing principles of inclusiveness and welcome, especially to those otherwise marginalized in society.

We have a number of interesting events planned for this fall.

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