“Make your way.” It’s a short, simple phrase that sums up perfectly what Suffolk students come here to do. And it’s the backbone of our new brand campaign.

The Suffolk experience is different for every student, and the diversity of their success stories is what makes it unique. Students at Suffolk University are empowered to define their own pathways, supported by the greater community of faculty, staff, alumni, and fellow classmates who are always ready to help them see it through. All of their stories started long before they came to Suffolk, but here we help them define what happens next.

Make Your Way brand image

The brand campaign is a new way of articulating some attributes of Suffolk University that are definitely not new. We have a longstanding history of being a diverse urban institution that unleashes students’ potential, transforming them in the process. We break through barriers that can separate the so-called “real world” from the university experience. Opportunity surrounds our students, and with critical teaching, guidance, and support from our faculty and staff, they take full advantage. This is how we want the world to know us.

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Their Experiences Tell Our Story

The stories encompassed by our new brand campaign are found throughout Suffolk. They are as varied as the students, faculty, staff, and alumni who make up our university community, but they all share a common aspect: transformation achieved through an uncommon level of real-world experience. It’s the kind of experience found throughout our campus, woven as it is into the fabric of the city of Boston. We invite you to explore some of those experiences here, where you can see just a few of the ways that Suffolk students make their way.