Independent paths

Suffolk students stand out in a crowd

What you want out of Suffolk – and how you want to achieve it – is unique to you, and we get that. We empower you to design an educational path that meets your goals and fits with your schedule. And whatever guidance or support you need, we’ll be there. 

Go your own way

Independent Study

Both the College of Arts and Sciences and the Sawyer Business School offer undergraduate independent study options, in which students work closely with a faculty member to pursue customized learning experiences.

Start a Club

Renaissance Literature Appreciation Society? Nerf League? Star Wars Fan Club? Ballroom Dance Team? These clubs don’t exist at Suffolk—but if you want them to, you can make it happen

Professional Opportunities

Want to complement your classroom learning with a real-world experience? Looking to develop your skills and knowledge in ways beyond what Suffolk offers? Shape the course of your education by pursuing a co-op job or internship in Boston. We can connect you to the best opportunities in town.