Whether it’s a fledgling business venture or a new artistic endeavor, Suffolk has always encouraged students to let their ideas lead the way. This entrepreneurial spirit pervades Suffolk culture, from our undergraduate and graduate programs to the endeavors of our faculty, students, staff, and alumni. Got a big idea? We’ve got your back. 

An entrepreneurial culture

Entrepreneurship at Sawyer Business School

Suffolk offers both an undergraduate major and minor in entrepreneurship, as well as a graduate-level concentration as part of our MBA program. We complement our academic program with additional resources and opportunities through our Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. Learn more

New Product Innovation Competition

Since its inception in 2006 by Professor Sushil Bhatia, the New Product Innovation Competition has given Suffolk students and alumni a pathway from idea to opportunity. Entrants compete for $50,000 in grants and in-kind services to support the launch of their new products. 

Entrepreneurship Resource Center

The Entrepreneurship Resource Center provides students with a workspace where they can collaborate with peers, alumni, and faculty to explore and develop their entrepreneurial spirit. Standing programs include Mentor Mondays, TED Talks Tuesdays, Shark Tank Wednesdays, and Training Thursdays. 

Entrepreneurship Month

Every November, Entrepreneurship Month gives Suffolk students the opportunity to put their entrepreneurial mojo to the test through a series of competitions. Events include the Bootstrap competition, where groups vie to raise money for a local food bank, and a “Twitch” (Twitter pitch) competition. 

Entrepreneurship Club

This student organization provides members with access to resources, events, and networking opportunities with key entrepreneurs, as well as a forum for sharing and developing ideas. Learn more