Alumni Andrew Graff

At Suffolk, we don’t just prepare you for a career—we prepare you to make your mark on the world. Scholars and entrepreneurs, public servants and artists, business executives and community leaders—in Boston and beyond, there are more than 72,000 Suffolk graduates out there doing amazing things. Here are some of their stories. 

Their Sense of Duty

Driven by world events and a sense of purpose, Suffolk Law graduates are serving their countries in ever-greater numbers, a commitment that stretches through the decades and around the globe.

The Accidental Advocate

Fourteen years ago, Nancy Reddish, BSBA ’88, founded the Family Advocacy Group of New England, which works with parents of children with special needs to ensure that their academic goals are achieved.

Mad Man

From a pool table and tiki bar to his modern take on the classic three-martini lunch, Andrew Graff MBA ‘93, chief executive officer of advertising agency Allen & Gerritsen, has fashioned an unconventional workplace that, he believes, fosters a creative environment vital to the firm’s success.

Oil and Water

Carl Rosenblum, JD ’83, spent nearly three decades as one of the country’s top oil and gas attorneys, laying the groundwork for the biggest case of his career: fighting for small-business interests in the wake of the BP oil spill off the coast of his adopted hometown.

Finding a Niche in the Global Marketplace

Suffolk’s Global Business program prepared Sarah Klug, BSBA ‘09, for a career with wholesale cosmetic and food supplier Jedwards International, Inc.