Suffolk University is protected and served by its own University police force, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. For general business, please call extension 8333 on campus; for emergencies call extension 8111. The main office is located in the Donahue Building on the first floor. At the Law School, security offices are located in both the lobby and the basement of 120 Tremont Street.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Boston Police 911
Massachusetts State Police Tel. 617-727-2917 or (2111)
Boston Fire 911
Massachusetts General Hospital Tel. 617-726-2000
Poison Center Tel. 617-232-2120
Rape Crisis Center Tel. 617-492-RAPE

Escort Service offered Monday through Sunday: dusk - 11:30 pm The University Police also provide evening escort service to parking garages and the area T stations.

University Police/ Escort Program

Tel. 617-573-8333

Tel. 617-573-8111 - Emergencies

TDD 617-557-4874

The Suffolk University Police will provide a walking escort to all members of the Suffolk University Community upon request. The department will provide this walking escort service seven days a week, starting at dusk and ending at 11:30 pm Exceptions to these hours of operation will be made only when the Suffolk Law School Library has extended hours of operation during exam periods.

The walking escort will be provided to the following locations only: Park Street T Station, Staniford Street Parking Garage, Government Center T Station, Somerset Street Parking Garage, Charles River Parking Garage

Students are asked to make an effort to inform the Suffolk University Police of an escort in advance. When asking for an escort, please provide your name, destination, and the time of your escort.

A Suffolk University Police Officer will make every effort to accommodate your request; however, there may be times when this service may be delayed because of other duties. During these instances we ask for your patience and understanding. Those persons who remain at the University beyond 11:30 pm are encouraged to call a cab or make arrangements for their own transportation.

Special Information for Law School Students

Student I.D.s

Suffolk University Law School Identification Cards are issued by the University Police. The office is located in the lobby of 120 Tremont Street near the main entrance. Students can obtain their Identification Cards Monday through Sunday from 8:00 am - 10:00 pm, as well as weekends if needed.

To obtain an Identification Card, a student must bring a picture ID (Massachusetts drivers license, Passport, or other valid picture ID) and a statement of registration.

ID cards must be carried at all times while on the University property. ID cards will be used for access into the building when the front doors are locked.

Obtaining a Police Detail for an Event

A University police detail is required at all events at which alcohol is sold. A detail is recommended for theater events, social events in the cafeteria or gym, athletic events, or any activity that may require an added concern for public safety such as registration or a celebrity on campus.

Students or departments requesting a police detail are responsible for paying for the detail. All police details require a minimum of four hours billing. Rates of payment will be provided by the University Police Department Head upon a receipt of a written request.

To order a police detail, please provide the following information in writing, to the Suffolk University Police:

  • the date, hours and location of the event;
  • the sponsor or the event;
  • the number of people expected to attend the event;
  • the entrance restrictions, if any (with ID or ticket only);
  • the name and phone numbers of the contact in charge of the event;
  • the number of officers requested for the event;
  • any relative information that may assist with the concern for public safety.

A completed Alcohol Registration Form, available in the Law School Dean of Students Office, must accompany all requests for Police Detail for events where alcohol is sold or served.

Please contact the Suffolk University Police at x8333, or x8113 for further information.

Access to Sargent Hall

  1. All persons must enter and exit through the main entrance.
  2. Access into the building will be unrestricted Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 9:00 pm, Saturday 9:00am - 6:00 pm
  3. Restricted access will be in effect on Sundays, holidays and from 11:00 pm - 7:30am each day. Access during these restricted times will be granted via your law school ID card

Lost and Found

Recovered property that is turned into the University Police will be kept for 30 days. Students finding recovered property are encouraged to turn such property over to the University Police. If you are checking to find out if a piece of property has been turned over to the University Police, please call 617-573-8333. Recovered property can be obtained in the security office located in the parking garage of the Law School.