Suffolk University celebrates and thanks employees that go above and beyond in their position to help others in the Suffolk Community and create a positive environment. Please use the form below to nominate an employee who deserves special recognition for going above and beyond in their job!

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Nominee is doing a great job, is a pleasure to work with and/or has done something that may not necessarily been "above and beyond" the scope of their duties, but has performed in a way that created a positive atmosphere, helped others in the Community, or just generally made the experience a good one and deserving of special recognition.
Nominee has gone outside the scope of their job duties, going "above and beyond" in a significant way to help another Suffolk community member and/or whose actions met with one of the strategic goals of the University.
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Employees that receive “Above and Beyond” award nominations will receive an email congratulating them on their Nomination. They will also receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the Dean thanking them for their exceptional service and they’ll be eligible for a variety of raffle prizes at the Law School’s annual Staff Appreciation Event!