Lawyers who practice personal injury law typically litigate negligence cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice, and products liability claims, either as plaintiffs' personal injury lawyers working on a contingent fee basis or as personal injury defense lawyers, usually working for litigation firms hired by an insurer to defend the claim. This is a classic litigation practice, involving factual and legal investigation, filing of pleadings, motion practice, discovery, settlement discussions, extensive interaction with insurance adjusters, mediation and arbitration, an understanding of insurance law, and —occasionally— trying cases.

Recommended Courses

Advanced Legal Writing
Appellate Practice
Basic Federal Income Taxation
Law Practice Planning: Law as a Career and an Enterprise (Seminar)
Mediation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Medical Malpractice
Pretrial Civil Litigation
Trial Advocacy

Other Related Courses:

Advanced Evidence
Advanced Legal Writing
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Appellate practice
Basic Federal Income Taxation
Conflict of Laws: Theory and Practice
Insurance Law
Insurance Litigation
Medical Malpractice

Co-Curricular activities

Students would also benefit greatly from participating in trial competitions in their upper class years, and from an internship that involves placement in a litigation setting.

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