Professor Elizabeth Trujillo teaching

Nearly every field of law now contains a substantial international element. From the global movement of goods and services to transnational human relations, our international law students prepare to practice in a legal world that expands to all corners of the world. 

Suffolk Law offers a wide array of international courses, ranging from public international law, to international finance, to comparative legal cultures. These offerings stress the impact of multiple legal systems on transactions and resolution of disputes, and the role of the lawyer in the world economy.

Astute students today understand that being productive contributors to the global society of tomorrow will require familiarity with the rapidly evolving tenets of international law. They are attracted to Suffolk Law by our international law curriculum and Boston's cosmopolitan identity. And they come from myriad international backgrounds; many speak at least one language other than English and our International Law classes include students from more than 30 countries, from Canada to China and beyond. 

The International Law Concentration is intended to respond to articulated student interest in international law and is open to anyone with a genuine interest in pursuing this rapidly expanding area.