LAW-2185 Family Law

Prof. Maritza Karmely, Prof. Marc G. Perlin, Mr. Pasquale DeSantis,

3 credits day; 3 credits evening.

Survey of Family Law issues including the factual and legal underpinnings of marriage and divorce; state regulation of marriage and divorce; jurisdictional requirements including venue and domicile; grounds for divorce and separate support; alimony uniform and federal laws; division of marital property; custody and visitation of children; adoption; state intervention in child custody matters; domestic violence; assisted conception; domestic partnership; and the constitutional issues attendant to all of the above.

Faculty comments: Professor Kindregan: This is a survey course of issues arising in family law. The course is taught through a combination of the Socratic, discussion and lecture methods. There is a required closed book written examination. The grade is based only on the examination.

pointer    Elective Course

pointer    Recommended for the Mass Bar

pointer    Final Exam Required

<<Course Updated: March 25, 2016>>