LAW-2240 Labor Law

Prof. Marc D. Greenbaum,

3 credits day; 3 credits evening.

This course will examine the regulation of labor-management relations in the private sector. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the union organizing campaign, the means of designating a union as exclusive bargaining representative, the regulation of strikes, lockouts, picketing and other forms of concerted activity, the duty to bargain collectively and resolution of disputes through grievance-arbitration process.

Faculty comments: Professor Greenbaum: This course studies the National Labor Relations Act and its regulation of private sector collective bargaining. It also identifies similarities and differences between private and public sector collective bargaining. It utilizes various instruction methodologies, most notable class discussion and the occasional lecture. The course grade is based upon a final examination.

pointer    Elective Course

pointer    Meets Base Menu Requirement

pointer    Meets Health/Biomedical Concentration Requirements

pointer    Meets Labor and Employment Law Concentration Requirements

pointer    Final Exam Required

<<Course Updated: March 11, 2016>>