LAW Legislation

Mr. Timothy O. Wilkerson, Ms. Anne B. O'Driscoll,

3 credits day; 3 credits evening.

A student's final course grade will be determined by performance on a Final Examination (75%) and a Class Project (25%)

This course will acquaint students with the significance of law making and statutes in our legal system, and will study the legislative process; the organization, structure, and procedure of legislative bodies including the powers of investigatory committees and the rights of witnesses before such committees; legislative contempt power; legislative grants of immunity to witnesses; and related procedural matters. It will also consider various constitutional issues. Finally, it will deal with the pervasive role of statutes in modern law.

Faculty comments: Legislation will cover three major topics with the following subtopics:

1. LAWMAKING PROCESS: overview, statutes and statutory interpretation, the legislative process and its constitutional basis, the alternative lawmaking process (the initiative petition and referendum), constitutional amendments, and drafting legistlation.

2. SEPARATION OF POWERS: the internet workings of the legislature; legislative veto; political questions; madamus against the legislature; the legislature as judge of the returns, elections and qualifications of its members.

3. LEGISLATIVE QUALIFICATIONS & CONDUCT: qualifications for office; ethics, campaign finance, and lobbying; legislative privilege and speech and debate; political scandals and punishments.

pointer    Elective Course

pointer    Final Exam Required

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