LAW-2823 Police Misconduct

Prof. Karen Blum,

3 credits day; 3 credits evening.

This course will concentrate on Section 1983 actions arising from alleged violations of constitutional rights by persons acting under color of state law. We will spend considerable time on Fourth and Fourteenth amendment rights that may be enforced through Section 1983. We will also address issues of qualified immunity, municipal and supervisory liability and racial profiling. During the course of the semester, there will be two or three classes where outside speakers with expertise in certain areas will make presentations and direct discussions of certain topics with the class. I use TWEN and post cases for class, other materials, and power point slides on line.

Heavy emphasis is placed on class attendance, preparation and participation. Participation in class discussion will be taken into account in grading. The material is challenging and exciting. Students who bring energy, enthusiasm, and intellectual curiosity to the course will have a good time!

pointer    Elective Course

pointer    Meets Civil Litigation Concentration Requirements

pointer    Final Exam Required

<<Course Updated: March 14, 2016>>