LAW-2357 State Criminal Practice

Mr. Eddie Jenkins,

2 credits day; 2 credits evening.

Students using this course to fulfill the experiential learning requirement may not also use this same course to meet the legal writing requirement.

This course covers all aspects of a criminal trial including state and federal criminal pre-trial procedures and practice, including complaint, arrest, arraignment, bail, lower court and grand jury proceedings, indictment, discovery, motions to suppress and to dismiss, issues during trial and post-trial proceedings. Although the course will discuss the differences between the state and federal systems, the primary focus will be towards practice in the Massachusetts Superior and District trial courts.

Faculty comments: Students will be required to prepare and argue substantive motions and submit a final project.

The substantive motion will be 25% of the grade and final project is 75%. May not also enroll in Pre-Trial Civil Litigation.

pointer    Elective Course

pointer    Meets Civil Litigation Concentration Requirements

pointer    Meets Experiential Learning Requirement

pointer    Final Project Required

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