LAW-5 Directed Study Project - JD Students

Mr.     TBA,

2 credits day; 2 credits evening.

Paper will be graded on a Credit/No Credit basis.

A student who has completed the first year of legal study may receive two credits by completing a substantial project of research and writing on a topic of academic interest under the guidance of a member of the full-time faculty or other faculty (with approval of an Associate Dean). To undertake supervised research, a student must first identify a faculty member willing to supervise the project. After agreeing upon a topic, the student and the faculty supervisor both sign a form describing the topic in which the student agrees to fulfill the requirements of this option. This form is available from the Office of the Law Registrar and the completed form must also be filed with that office.

The student should expect to devote a minimum of 90 hours to the project. The student must submit an outline and complete draft to the faculty supervisor for review and comment, prior to the submission of the completed paper. The final paper must be submitted to the faculty supervisor by the date set in the approved proposal, which may be no later than the end of the examination period for the semester in which the paper is completed. The faculty supervisor will grade the paper on a Credit/No Credit basis. Although the student is awarded two credits for completion of the project, the grade is not included in the calculation of the student's grade point average.

The student may also submit the paper to the faculty supervisor for satisfaction of the law school's legal writing requirement. All written work must be completed in accordance with the provisions of the law school's Academic Integrity regulations. No student may receive more than two units of credit in a semester for "Ungraded Activities." "Ungraded Activities" include a Directed Study Project, membership on the Journal of High Technology Law, Moot Court Board, Moot Court Team, Suffolk University Law Review, Suffolk Transnational Law Review and service as a Research Assistant.

  Prerequisite: Form Required to Enroll

pointer    May Fulfill Legal Writing Requirement

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