LAW-2007 Legal Process and Practice

Prof. Bernadette Feeley,

2 credits day; 2 credits evening.

This course is required for all students registered for a for-credit legal internship placement. The two credits granted for this course are in addition to and independent of any credits awarded for that field placement experience. This classroom component will cover topics including ethical issues relating to internships; economic, social and moral issues in the legal profession; workplace skills; and discussion of field experiences. For their internship placement, students are required to keep regular journals which also will be discussed in this class. Readings and class participation are essential components of the course. An in-class oral presentation on a topic related to the student's fieldwork experience is required. An extended journal on an ethical issue is required. The paper will not satisfy the writing requirement. Student work is graded on an H/P/LP/F basis. This course does not fulfill the academic requirement for internships through Suffolk University Law School and the Center for International Legal Studies.

Faculty comments: As an alternative to the Legal Process and Practice course, students can be supervised individually by a full-time faculty member only if the student has taken, or is in the process of taking, a substantive course elective with that faculty member and that course relates to the field placement experience. Decisions about what courses and which placements qualify will be made by the Clinical Professor for Internships in consultation with the Director of Clinical Programs. The faculty member must agree to supervise the student under the guidelines of the Internship Program.

  Prerequisite: Internship students only

  Elective Course

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