LAW Elder Law: Representing the Aging Client (Practice Series)

Mr. Alex L. Moschella, Mr. William Brisk,

2 credits day; 2 credits evening.

Not offered 2015-2016.

This 2 credit practice course is designed to equip students with knowledge and skills needed to succeed on their own or in an elder law firm. Elder law combines traditional fields (estate planning, health law, real estate and housing, public benefits law, guardianship, and probate among them) with the ability to work with elders and their families to tackle big questions: appropriate living arrangements, balancing between autonomy and protection as capabilities diminish, paying for expensive medical care (especially when nursing home care is needed), resolving generational and intergenerational conflict, making sound medical decisions, investing and budgeting to achieve comfortable retirements, and legally acquiring government benefits.

TEXTS. The course will rely on an inexpensive text supplemented by case law and articles posted on Campus Cruiser. The text is: Lawrence A. Frolik and Richard L. Kaplan, ELDER LAW IN A NUTSHELL, 5th edition, 2012, (Cost new is approximately $40.00, used and rental available at Bookstore).

GRADING: Students will be graded as follows:

Attendance and class participation - 10%.

A critique and completion of detailed Questionnaire of Living Old a PBS Frontline program that can be viewed on the internet to be completed at start of class - 10%.

A memo summarizing one class topic (1 per student) - 10%.

A final exam consisting of short essays and multiple choice, or true false questions - 70%.

pointer    Elective Course

pointer    Final Exam Required

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