LAW Professional Responsibility Simulation

Prof. Andrew M. Perlman,

3 credits day; 3 credits evening.

This course covers the basic content of the traditional professional responsibility course, but with two additional components. First, the course pays particular attention to the ethics issues that are arising due to technology, globalization, and rapid changes in the legal marketplace. Second, students work in small groups of three to four students (“virtual law firms”) and have to complete numerous simulation exercises throughout the semester involving the identification and resolution of factually and legally challenging ethics issues that can realistically arise in practice. The scenarios require each “firm” to engage in factual investigation and open legal research outside the classroom and to develop sound strategies that are submitted in written form. Some of the simulations require the use of an electronic case management system. Each written product is graded, with all simulation exercises accounting for 50% of a student’s grade for the course. The other 50% of the grade turns on students’ performance on a traditional final exam.

pointer    Required Course

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pointer    Meets Legal Technology and Innovation Concentration Requirements

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<<Course Updated: June 05, 2015>>