LAW-2225 Interviewing and Counseling/Negotiation

Prof. Dwight Golann,

4 credits day; 4 credits evening.

Students who have completed Negotiation and or Interviewing and Counseling are not eligible to take this course: Course is graded on Honors/Pass/Low Pass/Fail system.Students using this course to fulfill the experiential learning requirement may not also use this same course to meet the legal writing requirement.

This course teaches core skills which lawyers require to be successful in practice, whether in a law firm, organization or government position. Students will deal with realistic practice scenarios, learning how to perform effective client interviews and counseling in transactional and litigation situations. The course relies heavily on roleplaying, class discussion and review of video; as a result enrollment is limited. Students will write periodic journal entries reflecting on what they have learned through the exercises or addressing assigned topics. There will be no paper or examination; grading will be based on students’ journals and class participation.

pointer    Enrollment is limited: 18 

pointer    Elective Course

pointer    Meets Skills Menu Requirement

pointer    Meets Civil Litigation Concentration Requirements

pointer    Meets Experiential Learning Requirement

<<Course Updated: April 06, 2016>>