LAW Comparative Criminal Procedure: The U.S., Sweden and the Right to Privacy (Lund, Sweden Course)

Hon. Isaac Borenstein (Ret.),

2 credits day; 2 credits evening.

Intersession course.

The course will cover constitutional, civil and human rights concerns, and how both countries address limits on law enforcement investigation, including the law of arrest, stop and frisk, related searches including on grounds of “state security”, confessions and Miranda; a number of other special topics will be part of the material: the role of attorneys and judges in plea bargaining; sentencing; and the right to confrontation of witnesses at trial. The instructors will also discuss significant proposed changes in criminal law and procedure in Sweden, and relevant proposals in the U.S. Cases and legislation will be read and discussed. Students will leave with a knowledge of important areas of substantive law and procedure, with an appreciation of how two democracies approach issues of justice in unique ways.

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