LAW Advanced Topics in Legal Practice in International and Comparative Law

Ms. Christine Bustany,

2 credits day; 2 credits evening.

This two credit graded seminar is for students who engaged in international fieldwork or an internship over the summer and are interested in pursuing a follow-up project growing out of that experience. As part of the seminar, students will produce a culminating project, such as a Note, fact-finding report, public presentation, or legislative proposal related to their summer internship. The emphasis of this course is public interest related work. Students will be encouraged to incorporate a comparative framework into their project, fitting into one of the two tracks of: Global to Local, or Private to Public.

-Global to Local Track: Students engage an issue with global dimensions from different vantages - through a comparative frame that puts the global in conversation with the local in an applied manner. What are the global/local manifestations, dimensions and tensions of a particular issue or area of law; what is the interplay between the global and local?

Private to Public Track: Students examine what are the public dimensions of a particular issue or practice area of private international law. What overlap, conflicts and/or synergies exist between private and public international law and legal practice?

This seminar may be used to satisfy the Law School's legal writing requirement. This course is limited enrollment and requires the approval of instructor.

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