LAW-2991 Practice Ready: Representing Clients in Fee Shifting Cases

Mr. Carlin J. Phillips,

2 credits day; 2 credits evening.

This seminar will address attorneys’ fees from the perspective of a solo or small firm practitioner and will allow students the opportunity to consider how their chosen practice might generate the revenue necessary to sustain it. In these settings, it is often difficult to rely solely on the hourly billing method used in larger organizations. This course will explore alternative fee arrangements, with an emphasis on fee-shifting and its history, policy justifications, ethical dimensions and practical realities.

Although there is no single field subject matter focus, a significant portion of the course will concern substantive areas of civil rights, consumer protection, employment and environmental law. A background in any of these areas is helpful but not required.

In lieu of an exam, students will develop a project proposing a legal practice built on one of the fee models examined in consultation with the instructor.

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<<Course Updated: March 15, 2016>>