LAW-2086 Trade, Investment, and Development (International)

Prof. Elizabeth Trujillo,

3 credits day; 3 credits evening.

This course introduces students to basic legal principles for international trade and investment and their connection to national and regional development. Major issues impacting economic development, such as history, colonialism, governance, international institutions, international courts, energy demand, and climate change, will be discussed. We will discuss the ways in which the social and political context in particular countries and regions can shape the impact of general economic theories on development. Since the creation of the WTO in 1994, we have seen growing interest by nations to create regional and plurilateral trade agreements, such as the current negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement, as a means to foster domestic economic growth and eliminate trade barriers, and address specific regulatory concerns that impact trade and investment. Students will examine this trend and study specific regional trade agreements, which include investment chapters, with an emphasis on the North American Free Trade Agreement ("NAFTA") as the first regional trade agreement by the United States, and which has been a model for others that have followed. Various provisions in regional trade agreements will be discussed, including their dispute settlement processes and their methods of addressing environmental and labor controversies as well as emerging concerns of Intellectual Property rights, climate change, and energy. In addition to NAFTA, the role of regional trade agreements in the context of multilateral agreements such as GATT and the WTO will be considered as well as their impact on the economic and political structures of participating nations. General issues of international law, investment law, and treaty interpretation will also be discussed in the context of economic development.

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