With support from the Santander Scholarship, Janet Vo was able to pursue a legal internship in Malaysia working on environmental conservation regulatory issues.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • All Suffolk Law students in good academic standing who are not in their final semester are eligible to apply.
  • Students who do not enroll in an approved international experience will not be eligible for Santander funds.
  • Students pursuing an international internship and/or coursework must do so for academic credit.

Placement Priority:

    Placement priority will be given to the following international experiences, which are listed in order of preference (1 being the most preferred):
    1. Full-time internship at a non-profit or governmental organization (for-credit).
    2. Internship (for-credit) at a non-profit or governmental organization combined with SULS Lund Summer Program.
    3. An unpaid internship at a for-profit entity (for-credit) combined with the SULS Lund Summer Program.
    4. An unpaid internship at a for-profit entity (for-credit).
    5. SULS Lund Summer Program.
    6. SULS NACLE Exchange Program.

Additional preference will be given to those students who intern in Central or South America.

Geographic Priority will be given to students with a permanent address in the following states, which contain Sovereign Bank branches: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

Note: This year some of Santander Scholarship funds have been earmarked to support students pursuing the following international legal practice opportunities.

1. International & Comparative Law & Legal Practice (ICLLP) Fellows interning internationally receive $4,500 in Santander award.

2. Ireland Public Interest Internship Program participants will receive an award of $1,500 with the possibility of further support amounting to $3,500.

3. Summer Global Internship (SGI) Program participants pursuing the program for academic credit will receive an award of $500 with a possibility of further support of up to $3,500.

Students pursuing other programs are also encouraged to apply.


Application Process

The Application deadline extended to March 22, 2016.    The application for 2016 may be downloaded here.  Please review the application materials carefully prior to applying.

Note:  If you have not yet finalized your plans for your international experience by the application deadline,  you may still apply for the Santander Universities Scholarship.  In such instances, applicants should include as much information and relevant detail as possible in their proposal regarding their international experience prospects (positions applied to by applicant, positions offered to applicant, etc.).  If there is any change in your international experience status during the course of the application process, you should immediately notify (i) the Office of Financial Aid and (ii) Professors Dillon and Bustany.       


  • Interested students may speak with Janice Evans of the Office of Finance Aid. 
  • Additional questions may be directed to Professors Dillon and Bustany.  Out of a sense of fairness to all applicants, we cannot provide specific advice on the substance of your application.