I. Requirements

The Semester in Practice Program is a new, highly selective full-time internship program. Students selected for the program will participate in a full-time internship program during one semester of their final year at the law school. No more than four students each semester will be selected. Requirements of the program include:

  • Students will intern in a 10-credit ungraded field placement (the equivalent of 35 hours per week at the placement) during either the fall or the spring semester of their final year at the law school.
  • Students will be concurrently enrolled in a 2-credit internship seminar.
  • All internships will be at non-profit and governmental institutions approved by the law school.
  • Internship organizations will be in the Boston area or in the Washington D.C. area. Once students are selected for the Semester in Practice Program, they will work with Professor Bernadette Feeley who will assist in the placement process.
  • Eligible students must be in or entering their final year of law school, must have a minimum GPA of 3.2, and must complete a competitive application process.
  • Among other things, during the Semester in Practice, enrolled students will be required to submit weekly time logs and journals, meet with his/her faculty advisor for one hour at least every other week, and complete mid-semester and end-of-semester evaluations of the placement.
  • Participating students may not be employed or volunteer at any other job (including pro bono service) for more than 20 hours per week while participating in the Semester in Practice Program. Students may not be engaged in employment which may present a conflict of interest with the internship.
  • Students may not receive monetary compensation for work at their for-credit internship.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to take Professional Responsibility and, for litigation related placements, Evidence prior to enrolling in the Semester in Practice Program.
  • Participating students may not exceed the total number of fieldwork credit hours allotted per the law school’s policy concerning clinical and other non-classroom activities. (See Academic Standards, Section G). Students need to confirm with the Registrar’s Office that they have enough ungraded credits available to participate in the program, taking into consideration past semesters in addition to academic plans for remaining semesters at Suffolk Law.

Application Form (PDF)


II. Application Deadlines and Criteria

Applications for the Fall 2016 Semester in Practice Program are due no later than Monday, March 7, 2016. Applications for the Spring 2017 Semester in Practice Program are due no later than Monday, October 3, 2016. Please bring the completed application to the Internship Office, Suite 165 by 5:00 p.m. on the date due.

Required for Submission:

  • Completed application
  • Current resume
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Brief statement of academic purpose describing:
    • The type of internship opportunity sought
    • The specific educational objectives you hope to achieve through the internship
    • How the opportunity relates to your career goals
Please stop by the Internship Office, Room 165, or call 617-573-8049 if you have any questions.