I. Summer Global Internship Program--International Private Practice

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Each year, Suffolk Law School in cooperation with the Center for International Legal Studies (CILS), Salzburg, Austria, offers students internship placements at private law firms in more than 90 countries as part of its Summer Global Internship Program (SGI).  Following a two day seminar in Boston to prepare students for the experience, Suffolk students intern at local and international firms—from Argentina to Spain to South Africa—often tackling the most cutting edge legal issues that lawyers are facing in transnational settings. Apply by Feb. 26. More info

Accepted students pursuing the SGI program for academic credit receive a Santander Scholarship award of $500 with a potential additional award of up to $2,000 (totaling $3,500). 


II. International & Comparative Law & Legal Practice Fellowship--International Public Interest Practice

The ICLLP fellowship program is for second year students interested in international public interest practice and advocacy in human rights, environmental justice, international criminal law, among other areas. The fellowship combines coursework in the spring semester along with the international internship in the summer, with an option to pursue a follow up project when the student returns from the fieldwork portion. 

We are happy to announce that the funding support for the fellowship has been increased; accepted students now receive $4,500 in support.  Consequently, the previous deadline was overridden -- the ICLLP Fellowship Applications are now due no later than Jan. 7, 2016. Interested students should contact cbustany@suffolk.edu as soon as possible to discuss.  More info


III. International Semester in Practice

Students who opt for a Semester in Practice obtain intensive practical experience under the supervision of both a practicing attorney and a Suffolk Law faculty member. This full-time, 13-week experience embeds students in competitive international public service offices or public interest organizations. Applications for the fall 2016 semester are due March 8, 2016. More info


IV. Ireland Public Interest Internship Program

Suffolk students intern during the summer in various public interest organizations in Ireland, from the Disability Law Centre to Ireland’s National Law Reform Commission. Beforehand, students take a week-long course at the National University of Ireland–Galway as an introduction to the Irish legal system and to meet with prominent Irish jurists.  Significant scholarships are available for this program. Apply by Feb 26. More info

Accepted students receive a Santander Scholarship award of $1,500 with a possibility of an additional award of up to $2,000 (totaling $3,500).  More info Students may also apply for a SPILG International Fellowship.