Fall 2015 Examination Schedule (Tentative)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  7-Dec 8-Dec 9-Dec 10-Dec 11-Dec 12-Dec
9:30am       1A Contracts- Ferrey Evidence- Cavallaro Consumer Law- Anthony/ Palermino
to Fall 2015 Classes End Reading Day Reading Day 1B Contracts - Franco Trusts & Estates - Curtin Tax Prac & Procedure - Shea
12:30pm       1C Contracts- Wittenberg IP & Lic - McJohn  

2:00pm       Admin Law- Landers   MAKE UP EXAM FOR
to       Family Law - Mangum   Dec 10, Dec 11
5:00pm           Com Law Survey- Rustad
            Federal Courts - Simard
            Labor Law - Greenbaum
            Patent Law - Beckerman-Rodau
            Search & Seizure- Grasso
First Amend - Sullivan  
Conveyancing - Keenan  
7:30pm          International Tax - Polito



 6:00pm       4A Contracts-Bishop

Corp Issues Health - Mandell


      5A Property - Graham Evidence - Bornstein - Day
to       Admiralty - Bromley Evidence - Borenstein - Evening
9:00pm       Advanced Torts - Hicks  
        Emerg Issues IT-Rustad    
        Const Law/Crim - Ricciuti    
        Int'l Intel Prop - Grinvald
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  14-Dec 15-Dec 16-Dec 17-Dec 18-Dec 19-Dec
9:30am 1A Property - Infranca Environmental Law Survey- Murthy 1B Civil Proc - Simard Basic Tax - Conway    
to 1B Property - Griffith   1C Civil Proc-Eisenstat     1B Criminal Law - Ortwein
12:30pm 1C Property - Beckerman-Rodau         1C Criminal Law - Cavallaro
            Law & Economics - Robertson
2:00pm     MAKE UP EXAM FOR     1A Criminal Law -Callahan

    Dec 14     4A Criminal Law - Callahan
to           4A Criminal Law- Ashe
            MAKE UP EXAM FOR
5:00pm           Dec 16, 17, 18
4:30pm     Bankruptcy - Bishop      

    State/Local Gvt - Griffith      
to     Draft Wills & Trusts-Rounds      

    Search & Seizure - Grasso      
7:30pm     Tax of Mergers & Acq - Conway      


6:00pm Antitrust - Robertson Insurance - McNaught 4A Civil Proc - Glannon 5A Const Law - Wilton Corporations - Pizzano  
  Basic Fed Tax-Corbett Mass Prac (Day)- Perlin 1A Civil Proc - Glannon Acct for Lawyers - Wall Health Law -Landers  

Family Law - DeSantis Mass Prac (EVE) - Perlin Secured Transactions - McJohn Adv Legal Survey - DeFabritiis
LLC Partnership - Lipshaw  
  IP Survey- Beckerman-Rodau   State Crim Prac - Blitzman Copyright - Grinvald
Medical Malpract - Kelly  
to Mergers & Acquisition -Franco

Land Use - Keenan
Trusts/ Estates - Rounds  

Prof Responsibility - Newhouse

9:00pm Medicare & Medicaid-Barker  

   Trademark - Curtin    
  MAKE UP EXAM FOR          
  Dec 12          
  Snow Day