A student who is dissatisfied with any decision of the Associate Dean of Students regarding reasonable accommodations may request an informal meeting with the Dean of Students to appeal the decision. As soon as possible following the informal meeting, the Dean of Students will notify the student in writing of any changes to the decision. If the student disagrees with the decision of the Dean of Students, the student may file a written appeal to an Academic Associate Dean. The written appeal should state in detail the basis for the appeal and furnish all relevant documentation in support of the appeal. The Associate Dean of Students and the Dean of Students will also provide the Academic Associate Dean with any documentation or information relevant to the decision in question. In reviewing the appeal, the Academic Associate Dean may request a meeting with the student and may also request additional information pertinent to the appeal. After review, the Academic Associate Dean will issue a written decision to the student. The decision of the Academic Associate Dean regarding the reasonable accommodation is final and not subject to appeal.