Kelley Sweetser President 
Brendan Murphy Vice President 
Ashley Malans  Treasurer
Callie Grossman Chief of Operations
Colette Heefner  Council of Presidents Liaison 
Neil Lindquist Chief of Staff 
Jolethia Rogers Appropriations Director 
Patrick Shine Associate Director of Appropriations 
Student Affairs   
Melissa Gaied Director of Social Programs  
Natalie Medved Associate Director of Social Programs
Kris McMahon Associate Director of Social Programs
Sara Colburn Associate Director of Social  Programs 
Jenna Borkoski Director of Student Concerns
Melanie Maynor Associate Director of Student Concerns
Breanna Arsenault Associate Director of Student Concerns
Alumni Affairs   
PJ Yasi Director of Alumni Affairs
Amy Gelineau Associate Director of Alumni Affairs
 Academic Affairs  
Brittni Wipper Director of Academic Affairs
Chauncey Hall Associate Director of Academic Affairs
External Affairs   
Christine DiBiase  Director of External Affairs
Elma Delic Associate Director of External Affairs
Jeremy Koufakis Director of Technology 
Diversity & Inclusion   
Debbie Aderinto Director of Diversity & Inclusion 
Linda Vo Associate Director of Diversity & Inclusion 
Carols Florian Associate Director of Diversity & Inclusion 
Patrick Shine Admissions Office Liaison
Courtney Fears American Bar Association Liaison 
Kellie Shea Boston Bar Association Liaison 
Elizabeth Ponder Federal Bar Association Liaison
Alisha Patterson Honor Board Liaison
Eunice Alkins-Afful Mass Bar Association Liaison 
Patrick Oullette Sustainability Liaison 
Marketing & Advertising   
Jessica A. Murray Director of Marketing 
Landy Pierre Associate Director of Marketing