Faculty - Intellectual Property

Full-time Faculty

Law Professor Andrew Beckerman-Rodau   Andrew Beckerman-Rodau
Professor of Law and Co-Director Intellectual Property Law Concentration. BS, Hofstra University; JD, Western New England University; LLM, Temple University.

Professor Rebecca Curtin   Rebecca Curtin
Assistant Professor of Law. A.B., Princeton University; J.D., University of Virginia; Ph.D., Harvard University.

Professor Christopher Gibson   Christopher Gibson
Professor of Law and Director Business and Financial Services Concentration. BA, University of Chicago; MPP, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; JD, University of California, Berkeley.

Associate Dean and Professor Leah Chan Grinvald   Leah Chan Grinvald
Associate Professor of Law. BA, George Washington University; JD, New York University.

Professor Stephen Michael McJohn   Stephen Michael McJohn
Professor of Law. BA, JD, Northwestern University.

Professor Michael Rustad   Michael Rustad
Thomas F. Lambert Jr. Professor of Law and Co-Director Intellectual Property Law Concentration. BA, University of North Dakota; MA, University of Maryland; PhD, Boston College; JD, Suffolk University; LLM, Harvard University.

Adjunct Faculty

Cory Bell

Amanda Schreyer

John Bauer

N. Scott Pierce BS, BSE, MBA, University of Connecticut; JD, State University of New York at Buffalo

Philip C. Swain BS, Tufts University; JD, Northwestern University.

Kirk Teska BS, Montana State University; MS, University of Southern California; JD, Franklin Pierce Law Center.