Externships are a vital component of the Labor and Employment Law (LEL) concentration. They enable students to connect their classroom work with practical experience and training, learning how attorneys work and the challenges they face. The experience also affords students the opportunity to reflect upon the legal practice settings to which they aspire.

Concentrators must complete a minimum three (3) credit externship. The requirement may be satisfied by:

  • Completion of a labor and employment externship through the Internship Program; or
  • Completion of a non-credit summer or semester externship which has been preapproved by the Concentration Directors.
  • An approved waiver of the externship requirement for qualifying Evening Division students, as set forth below.

Potential Externship Waiver for Evening Division Students

The Law School recognizes that Evening Division students may be limited in pursuing externship opportunities. Accordingly, Evening Division students working full-time in positions directly involving labor and employment law may apply for a waiver of the externship requirement by submitting a professional portfolio demonstrating substantial professional exposure to such work. Positions in human resources, labor union leadership, employee relations, or employee benefits may qualify for the waiver. The Concentration Directors will assess waiver requests on a case-by-case basis by evaluating students’ professional portfolios.

Click here for the complete Guidelines for students seeking approval of a non-credit externship, and for Evening Division students seeking a waiver of the externship requirement by virtue of their employment.