Six-Year Bachelor’s/Law Degree

Whether you've always wanted to go to law school or are now working towards that dream, Suffolk's Six Year-Bachelors/Law degree program offers the best of both. This highly selective program has limited capacity and is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you're driven, highly-motivated, and an academically outstanding student intent on earning a JD, this program is right for you. Only a select number of students will be accepted and granted early admission to Suffolk Law School at the end of their junior year. That way, you’ll earn both BA and JD in just six years instead of seven.

If you’re interested in applying for the combined BA/JD program, start planning at the beginning of freshman year or even earlier. Since this unique program requires applying for early admission to Suffolk Law, only a select number of students with distinctive academic records and high LSAT scores should expect to qualify for this limited capacity program. If the Six Year-Bachelors/Law Degree program sounds just right for you, speak to an advisor or counselor right away to learn more. 

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What to Know Before You Apply

  • Declare your interest to CAS Academic Dean's Office as early as start of freshman year
  • Complete required courses and credit hours towards BA
  • Take LSAT prior to applying
  • Apply to Law School in the Fall Semester of the Junior Year
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