Laptop Examination Rules Policy

Students using Examsoft are subject to the rules listed below in addition to the Examination Rules and Regulations noted in number 143.

  1. All instructions for new and returning users must be completed.
  2. Any attempt to launch, copy, move, or delete a download exam file prior to entering the exam will cause the file to be disabled.
  3. All students must be checked in with the proctor at the assigned examination room at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the examination. (For example, a student must be checked in at 9:15am for 9:30am examination). Students who are not checked in at this time must handwrite the examination. This includes students who receive exam accommodations.
  4. You must come to the examination room with your laptop, power cord and Ethernet cable.
  5. The proctor may impose seating arrangements in the examination room to facilitate the examination process.
  6. Disable all screen savers.
  7. Software must be opened within 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the examination. If the student is unable to open the software or other hardware/software problems occur prior to the start of the exam, the student will handwrite the examination.* The starting time of the examination will not be delayed nor will the ending time of the examination be extended. Technical Assistance is not available prior to the start of the examination.
  8. The proctor must be notified immediately when a laptop freezes or crashes. Students may not attempt to reboot or otherwise trouble shoot computer problems during the examination.
  9. Should any hardware/software problems occur during the examination that cannot be immediately remedied, it will be necessary for the student to handwrite the examination.* No adjustment to grades or additional time will be given to students for laptop failure or the unavailability of Examsoft, even if such a failure or unavailability is unexpected or occurs shortly before or during the examination.
  10. If after the examination is complete, a student believes that all or a portion of an exam answer that he or she believes to have properly typed during the examination while using Examsoft is missing, the  Process for Investigating and Resolving Claims of Missing Exam Text will be followed.
  11. All students must remain in the classroom until the successful upload of the file is completed.
  12. The Law School is not responsible for any computer hardware/software problems that may arise, or any damage which may occur to student property.
  13. Any attempt to bypass or disable the security features of the Examsoft software will subject the student to disciplinary action as described in Rule XI . Suffolk University Law School Rules and Regulations.
  14. All students are subject to the Suffolk University Law School’s Examination Regulations.

* Students whose current disability accommodations expressly grant the use of a computer to complete the examination may be permitted to continue on a law school computer.